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KidzLife is the children's ministry of LifePoint Church, and is designed for newborns through 5th grade. 

Our KidzLife team focuses on helping kids discover, learn, and have a relationship with Jesus, so that they can love like Him, share like Him, and live like Him.

Currently, we provide KidzLife for infants and toddlers during our Sunday gatherings, and we provide KidzLife for elementary children during our Wednesday Community Nights from 5:45 - 7:15 PM. You can also access the content we use at KidzLife each week to have KidzLife at home by clicking the button below:

At KidzLife, we value creative learning, relationships, safety, and fun! Each week, your child will encounter truth about Jesus in fun and interactive ways with a small community of kids their age, all while being protected by our KidzLife leaders and Security team.


What do I need to do at my first visit to KidzLife?

If you’re planning on visiting LifePoint Church for the first time and have children who will participate in KidzLife, please plan to arrive 5-10 minutes early for the service you're planning to attend. When you arrive, head over to the KidzLife Check-In Area (don't be afraid to ask a volunteer for directions), and one of our volunteers will help you check your child in to KidzLife! You can walk with your child to their classroom and meet their Group Leaders if you'd like!

How does check-in work?

Our check-in volunteers use a database to check new and returning children into KidzLife. When you go through check-in, you will be given 3 stickers:

  • One will have your child's name that will stay with your child
  • One will have your child's name that will go to their Group Leader
  • One will have a secure ID code that you will keep to check your child out after service

Do I need to check my child out after service?

Yes. After the worship service, please bring your security ID sticker back to your child's Group classroom where you can give your sticker to the Group Leader and check your child out of KidzLife. If you misplaced or forgot your security ID sticker, you will need to return to the check-in area so that our Check-In Team can verify your identity.

What if I need to be contacted in the service for an issue?

In the event of an issue or emergency, you will receive a text message from our KidzLife team directing you where to go.

What does a typical day at KidzLife look like for my child?

After check-in, children will meet in their Group classroom until our Large Group worship service begins. During Large Group, children will play a game, sing songs, and hear a Bible lesson for the day. After Large Group, they will return to their Group classroom, where they will apply what they learned in the Bible lesson through discussion and activities. By the time the small group finishes their Group Time, the adult worship service will be over and you can return to their Group classroom to check them out!


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